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Pramila Nageshwararaj has bagged Wonder Women Award

Pramila Nageshwararaj has bagged Wonder Women Award

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April 30, 2022

Pramila Nageshwararaj has bagged Wonder Women Award

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My name is Pramila Nageshwararaj. The founder & content creator of Pramila’s Kitchen Africa. I am a proficient speaker, scriptwriter, chef, content creator, Radio Jockey (RJ), Video Jockey (VJ) social media influencer, teacher and businesswoman. By far I have written & spoken more than 120+ Motivational Moral Stories crossing 100K+ average views, 200+ New range multi cuisine recipes for everyone from every economic status to try at home with family, these are simplified recipes that anyone can make and enjoy.

I was born and brought up in a typical Tamilian home to Mr. Mahadeva Ratnakantha and Mrs. Nesamma Ratnakantha in the heart of Colombo city, Srilanka. My initial profession was teaching which I took up after discovering my skills in fine arts, writing and simplifying complicated subjects to laymen format. I have a Diploma in Theory & Practice of Montessori method of Education which I acquired in 1991. I have many experiences in attending & co-ordinating seminars & training in effective speaking, speech, drama and spoken english and a winner of many certificates of Achievement in many genres. I have worked in many leading institutions such as Institute of Pre-school Education, Chaliment Montessori, More Road Montessori, Hindu Ladies College and many more as a teacher loved by one and all, further I had coordinated many successful shows including dances and dramas with kids during my service at these institutions applauded by parents and management. I had been a teacher till 1997. Same year thereafter I was married to my husband Mr. Nageshwararaj, a civil engineer based in Eswatini and thus I migrated. 

Post marriage I took a break in my career to raise a well bonded family and a beautiful daughter named Miss. Abilashini Nageshwararaj who has graduated in Software Engineering. I later partnered a successful business together with my husband to this date. A decade crossed with concentrating on my business and home, I developed a passion in culinary skills and could excel cooking any continental food. I began posting my food photos and my short status on my social media accounts gaining many comments, likes and appreciation. After a series of uploading my creations online, I began my passion based career on Facebook with Facebook Televisions gaining experience and remarkable adoration from the audience, while also establishing myself as a respectable content creator in Tamil. 

Currently holding a followers range of 25000+ on my facebook page and a view rate minimum of 60 000 per video, I am widely known as Pramila’s Kitchen Africa for my writing, speaking and culinary skills. I currently am a Radio Jockey in two radios in London and Germany, I provide cooking related content every Saturday for SRS Tamil in London to which I have been associated for two years & VTFM Radio in Germany giving full fletched variety of programs from culinary, educational, beauty to comedy every Saturday & Sunday for a year now. I write full page cooking articles for Tamilaruvi, a newspaper in Sri Lanka besides providing content to other channels if requested.

My passion and hard work so far has been awarded ‘Outstanding Professional Woman Award’ by All Indian Woman Achievement Awards (AIWAA) from India, ‘Rising Star Award’ by American Awards from USA, Ranked Top 100 Leaders in the world for Foxclues Awards from North India and ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by South Indian Tamil Folk Art Association (SITFAA) from South India. 

Woman Icon has awarded me a ‘Wonder Woman Award’, I was ecstatic when I heard the news, it’s really thrilling to see the hard work sowed give out fruits. I am glad to be the beholder of this award. I believe the Woman Icon Awards is putting out a great foundation for acknowledging women breaking the bias in every corner of the world, this is a great platform that I believe will motivate women to achieve more. I thank Woman Icon Awards powered by Times Woman and World Woman Council, This Wonder Woman Award from Woman Icon is pushing me to achieve great heights to which I look forward to.

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