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Chhimi Dema has bagged Outstanding Woman Performer Award

Chhimi Dema has bagged Outstanding Woman Performer Award

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August 04, 2022

Chhimi Dema has bagged Outstanding Woman Performer Award

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I am Chimmi Dema born on 15th November, 1969. I am an ex- civil servant currently serving as Chairperson to the food processing unit (Crystal Moon Product) based in Gelephu. I have been inclined to food processing and the passion to help destitute family or woman and youths indeed I co-founded Sherchog Women’s Group (SWG) with SABAH Bhutan in which later on handed over to SABAH in 2015. After handing over the SWG to SABAH, I started Food Processing Unit in the name of daughter Yeshi Dorji Yangden in 19th October, 2015. The Cyrstal Moon Propduct was founded solely by the family without any financial aid, with loan amounting to five hundred thousand ngultrums from Bhutan Development Bank and Bhutan National Bank limited. The food processing unit currently employed 12 regular employees and provides part time job to the students during vacations.

Certificate and Awards/honors:

> Successfully completed training on food processing and packaging in 2017

> Attended group sensitization and formation of social enterprise and technology in 2017

>Successfully completed Business Development and Entrepreneurships training in 2019

> Successfully completed Regional Workshop on Planning and Managing technology transfer for inclusive development on 2019

> Successfully trained 260 youths in food processing from 2013 to 2019

Furthermore, I am interested to learn and explore more on the business and wishes to expand the business outlet, if the current business runs on profit.

Business Profile

When I was serving as civil servant, I realized that worlds food supply can collapse even with the slightest drop of food growth. Food has already replaced oil for the most priced commodity. With the notion to sustain food chain I started food processing unit (YEAR) in order to link in the chain of what every people involved will feel part of.  Crystal Moon Products is a food processing organization that produces best-quality food products ranging from spices, pickles, and paste/ezzey to candies, cookies, and helps farmer in selling of collected cheese and butter. Through this, the organization aims to promote the welfare of many farmers and home-based workers by providing the farmers with access to markets and generating employment opportunities for the home-based workers and developing their skills to help them earn a sustainable income. 

Social Aspects

When I was serving as a civil servant I met with various group of people, mostly woman who are either divorced or who cannot meet the day end meal for the family. I have met those women who lived a life of kitchen space to the bedroom, who had what it has offered them which was not enough for them to cash out to the people they owe. In order to help them I came up with Crystal Moon Product in order to provide jobs to the destitute woman and the youths. This firm is started with the mission to manufacture best quality pickle, candies and spices with varieties of taste and sizes, and supply to marts, hotels and fast-food chain to achieve greater stake holder value through customer satisfaction and demands. Till date we have been manufacturing higher quality for utmost satisfaction of not only the company but also of customers on other side keeping a constant pace with the rapidly changing market trends and consumer behaviors.

Excitement of receiving award {women icon}

Thank you

I am pleased, honored and humble to receive this award and to join past outstanding recipients of the award who I have always looked upon. A very special thank to Women Icon Board and those who nominated me and selected me as a winner for the Agribusiness Entrepreneur of the year and 2nd outstanding woman performer of the year. I feel proud and much obliged to the Women Icon Organization for providing us platform whereby we are supported and recognized and encourage future generations. This award is very special for the entrepreneur like me representing from the small, beautiful and peaceful nation Bhutan. This award is prestigious where everyone dreams to grab it. This award will encourage more entrepreneurs to come forward and make positive impacts in the community.

I would like to take this opportunity salute all other nominees who participated in this award and I also would like to thank my staff and the family who supported me through this journey.

Thank you so much for such platforms and I promise that I will work further and harder to bring positive impacts in society.     

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