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Shymaa Hatem Abdelazim Has Won Women Noble Academician of the Year Award

Shymaa Hatem Abdelazim Has Won Women Noble Academician of the Year Award

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June 24, 2023

Shymaa Hatem Abdelazim Has Won Women Noble Academician of the Year Award

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Dr. Shymaa Hatem, another promising Egyptian scientist and researcher.

Dr. Shymaa Hatem, PhD, is a lecturer of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Future University in Egypt.

She was graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University in 2010 with Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She took her Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2018 from Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University.  In 2022, she took her PhD from Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University in the same field.

She was majoring mainly in nanotechnology and the formulation of nano-cosmeceuticals for treatment of various skin disorders as melasma, psoriasis, alopecia, acne and others and she has several publications in highly prestigious international journals in this regard and several graduation projects with her students focusing on the advancements in that field.

She was awarded with ACDIMA award in its first year for the best research in applied sciences in 2018.  Also, she was selected as the best researcher in her field from Faculty of Pharmacy, Future University in Egypt in 2022 in its 1st annual conference. In the same year, she applied for a national patency in order to get her nano-products licenced and authorized for manufacturing in the national market. On global level, she was awarded the “Women Noble Academician of the Year Award” by Women Icon powered by Times Women, USA in 2023.

Due to her stunning outcomes and efforts, she was assigned as an Associate Editor in Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2023. Also, she was nominated by her Faculty as a Quality Assurance representative from her department. Moreover, she was honoured to take a diploma from the international leadership centre and was certified as an expert in Arabic women issues. Furthermore, she was selected as one of the Egyptian delegates at the Best Diplomats held in Dubai, UAE, in Bangkok, Thailand, and in Istanbul, Turkey in 2023. Now, her research work focuses on the preparation of nano- formulations for the diagnosis of several brain disorders using radio-labeled compounds.

Shymaa Hatem has many volunteering activities in several community service programs. She is a member in the Egyptian Association of Continuing Medical Education Development in Egypt in 2022 and was responsible for many campaigns encouraging youth to get engaged for the health wellness in Egypt. Also, she volunteers with other local foundations and associations especially those concerning with the development of girls and women in Egypt. 

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