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Fatima Muhammad Ahmed Al Hosaniyah Has Won Women Cultural Ambassador Award

Fatima Muhammad Ahmed Al Hosaniyah Has Won Women Cultural Ambassador Award

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January 14, 2024

Fatima Muhammad Ahmed Al Hosaniyah Has Won Women Cultural Ambassador Award

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Fatima bint Muhammad bin Ahmed Al Hosaniyah from the Sultanate of Oman, a writer, and a certified international peace ambassador. Head of the Oman office of the World Union of Arab Intellectuals in the Kingdom of Sweden, and Director of International Support and Cooperation at the International Peace and Friendship Organization.

I obtained a certificate of intellectual competence and international merit from the International Federation, and according to the official documentation, it's registered with the Sustainable Development Platform of the United Nations and the European Union.

I am a founding member and supervisor at the Forum of Writers. I am a writer in the cultural magazine Al-Qalam, issued from Stockholm, Sweden, and also a writer in the cultural magazine Abjad, previously published in London. Additionally, I am the head of the Oman office of the Hamsa International Festival of Literature and Arts. This year, I was honored with the Excellence in Culture and Arts Award at the Women’s Conference and Awards. I was also honored to be among the characters in the Elite Book, published annually in Oman, which includes the most successful, inspiring, and leadership female figures.

I received the Shield of Honor as the best writer about the Sultanate of Oman at the Hamsa Festival in Egypt, and recently, I received the International Peace Medal. I also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Supreme Council of the International Peace and Friendship Organization in Denmark, in honor of the humanitarian and cultural efforts that I have undertaken during this year.
I have several literary publications, including the book "Messages in Secret," a collective book "Vibrating Pens," and the book "Arabic Mosaic." I am also a writer and preparer of the famous podcast "A Sip of Coffee" on YouTube with the journalist. I am also a member of many international organizations interested in culture, literature, peace, and human rights.

My Mission

We do not need more than affection, mercy, and a little compassion to give each other water so that our afflicted land is saved, and the ships of peace dock therein. This way, our souls will flourish, and we can emerge from the darkness of wars, hatred, and the darkness of injustices into the overwhelming lights of love. I have come a long way from my lofty mission, moving between my writings that support hope and the message of peace that I carry in my heart. I have worked in several cultural magazines, including Abjad Cultural Magazine published in London, Al-Qalam Cultural Magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden, and the Writers’ Forum.

My work focuses on spreading the spirit of awareness of the importance of intellectual tolerance, coexisting in peace, and rejecting all conflicts and racism between peoples. I have presented several initiatives, including the Smile of Hope Initiative, the You Are Life Initiative, and the Inspirational Initiative. I have also worked on several podcasts calling for hope and optimism while rejecting despair and sorrow. I've broadcasted thousands of videos delivered and produced by major media figures to be a source of peace for hundreds of thousands of tired people.

In my words, I hope to be among those who carry the message of peace and spread awareness, the culture of speech, love, and tolerance among the peoples of this world, and to succeec in achieving the goals of world peace.

Today, with great pride and joy, I received the news that I received the Cultural Ambassador Award from the Women Icon organization, with the support of Times Women and World Women Council (WWC).

My happiness was indescribable with this award, which represents very great importance to me and great support for my cultural career and the path of peace and intellectual tolerance. I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to Women Icon and Times Women and World Women Council (WWC) for this honor, which I am very proud of. I hope that I will be able to live up to this responsibility and be able to represent my homeland, the Sultanate of Oman, and represent my cultural identity and my noble mission.



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