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Danile Annah Masombuka Has Won Outstanding Women Leadership Award

Danile Annah Masombuka Has Won Outstanding Women Leadership Award

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February 07, 2024

Danile Annah Masombuka Has Won Outstanding Women Leadership Award

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Danile Mohlamme – Profile

I have been a working scriptwriter,Documentarian and producer of television programmes in the South African television industry for an unbroken period from 2008 to the present.

I have variously, written my own film or television scripts , under commission directly from broadcasters, or via producers, or overseen other writers who were writing theirs.

I have acted as writer, script editor, script supervisor,translator of books, producer, and for 12 years. I have given many informal script workshops at Writers guild of south Africa, NAF and within the working industry itself.

My career in drama writing in the film and television industry commenced in 2009 when I was selected by DCSR Mpumalanga to train as a scriptwriter.

During my three year term there, I trained as a junior writer through Sasswi institution, and then as a drama writer. This has led to an uninterrupted career in drama writing and producing for film and television, to the present.

Danile Mohlamme is a Filmmaker, a Project Manager ,Writer ,Mpumalanga Film Festival Director,a council member at WGSA currently serving in proffesional development .She has contributed across many film programs in mpumalanga.She created Mpumalanga film mart and Festival  demonstrating strong leadership and consistent and active participation on every program and film  workshops. She has also produced films made in Mpumalanga and  A letter to Nanna documentary.

She developed and written a Documentary Titled THE UNCHOSEN WORLD. She was a first round judge at WGSA muse awards 2020. She facilitates emerging writers around Mpumalanga province through WGSA train the trainer course.

Danile is currently participating at Durban film mart access programme. She recently led the assessment of Emerging scriptwriters and Mpumalanga filmmakers impacts to the business and is now leading the Production team of film makers and authentic stories in indegenous languages assessment to define new business models to operationalize the Film industry in Mpumalanga.

Danile’s breadth of knowledge of the industry and incubation programmes and educational outreach programms through film mart, as well as her passion, has enabled her to contribute across many projects. Her collaborative style is extremely effective in bringing out the best from all the film makers and writers in Mpumalanga by providing support and guidance while valuing all inputs and viewpoints.

Danile’s exemplary contribution in the film industry in M pumalanga has covered a number of key projects Bioskop in schools program, including leading the coordination of standards with other industry bodies Isiyalo writers guild, and participating in the Indegenous knowledge system programme using films that explores how the Mpumalanga film office can help communications service providers support critical drug users and  unemployment rate  in youth. Danile ’s contribution to the education outreach programms using films project displayed her extraordinary technical writing skills and the ability to distill complex concepts into lay person’s language. Danile continually demonstrates great teamwork and always interacts professionally with great respect for other’s opinions.

Danile Mohlamme has been a formidable contributor to the Mpumalanga Province through her proactive engagement in Mpumalanga film mart and Festival and has been instrumental in the creation of the film mart. Over the last year, Danile sustained contribution on the awareness about teenage pregnancy by telling stories using examples from films has also earned the respect of her project colleagues who consider her to be an excellent team player. She always displays a professional and respectful attitude and takes time to explain the basis of her view with objectivity and transparency.

Danile Mohlamme has co-led the Mpumalanga Literature project which gave writers and opportunity to write in their indegenous language and has been the thought leader of this project, having first proposed it to her local municipality which is DR JS Moroka Municipality and University of Pretoria, a few years later in 2009 the Mpumalanga Film mart and festival was born after demand from her community.Danile  has not only pushed the work forward but also developed many of the ideas. Danile has worked tirelessly on creating Mpumalanga film mart and festival .

Danile Mohlamme has made a massive contribution to the Mpumalanga economy through her arts and culture projects.

Danile facilitated at NAF(National arts festival) 2021 for scriptwriting.

She is currently a Council at WGSA and is the head of proffessional development.In 2020 some of her books were selected by Gauteng Department of education to be available at some schools with Libraries around Gauteng.


  • ERASING TIME 2020 – Created the project during Covid-19 pandemic to assist artists who were affected by the pandemic in level 5.
  • ESIQELINI EVENT 2020 – Used this multidisclipline project to create jobs for the artists affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic through the presidential stimulus programme.
  • UNCHOSEN WORLD – written and developed a documnetary in collaboration with NFVF and DIFF ACCESS programme.
  • MENDING THE CRACKS TRAINING – With this Project Danile will be training and Mentoring Writers in association with NFVF IN 2021.

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