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Yogalingam Anusiya Has Won Woman Young Achiever Award

Yogalingam Anusiya Has Won Woman Young Achiever Award

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June 09, 2024

Yogalingam Anusiya Has Won Woman Young Achiever Award

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I am Anusiya Yogalingam. I am 24 years old as of 2023. I am from Hatton Sri Lanka, and I got my early education in Cambridge college Kotagala. After completing school, I did a UK diploma in apply phycology and teacher training in early childhood and I am also a technical college student.

I was naturally interested in arts and crafts from a young age. As a result of that I started to do handcrafts, pencil carvings, ariworks and handmade jewelries as a leisure time activity. I did not practice these skills through separate classes or courses like everyone else. I developed the myself through the videos and images posted on social media platforms YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

I had many hobbies related to the field of arts and crafts. The one that I showed most interest in was making handmade jewelry. After a few years of practicing making them, I thought of turning my little hobby into a profit earning business and successfully executed that idea in February 2023. And from that day onwards I have been receiving the recognition that I deserve. Not only that I am also a member of the Sri Lankan Ari club.

Even though I was able to create many good-looking jewelries and was able to sell them to some customers. My goal was to create jewelries from the designs that people had in their dreams, to create jewelries which they dreamt of, to make their dreamy designs come true and sell them not only to the people of my village, not only to the people of my city, not only to the people of my country but to the people around the globe. As the first step to achieve my goal I entered the world of social media and created my first social media platform by the name “The Dreamy Designs.” As a result, many people from around the world noticed my talent and gave me the opportunity to go for the next step in this field.

I am an award winner of the Sri Lankan talent awards 2023 for terracotta jewelry designing. I also received the Best creative crafter award, the Best handmade jewelry designer award, and the Best and young woman achiever award of the year 2023 . I was able to win 3 International Awards such as the Multi talent award, the young achievement award, and the best handmade jewelry designer award.

Even though I have receiving few awards earlier the women icon awards will be a special one  Because  its a first award that I will be receiving out of my nation Sri Lanka. I think all of my family members Immeasurable support that they gave me and I also thank the women icon awards for Recognizing my Talent And Providing me The young achiever award Under The Category of Spreading Outstanding achiever. I am so glad that They were able to Identify my talent Between more than 10 lakhs Profiles From more than 30 different countries. I hope that this award will reach the world and my nation and my name will be well known to all.

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