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Wan Suraya Binti Sahabaludin Has Won Outstanding Women Achiever Award

Wan Suraya Binti Sahabaludin Has Won Outstanding Women Achiever Award

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February 11, 2024

Wan Suraya Binti Sahabaludin Has Won Outstanding Women Achiever Award

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Good evening everyone.

My name is Wan Suraya binti Sahabaludin from Selangor Malaysia. I worked as an Assistant Senior Administrative Officer in the Shah Alam City Council Since 1998 until now. I earned a master’s degree in Management and continue study while working in the field of Doctor Of Philosophy (Business Administration) at open University Malaysia.

Congratulations and thank you Woman Icon for invitating and giving me an unexpected opportunity for successfully receiving the "Outstanding Woman Achiever Award". Women's icon makes me deserved to be honored because of my outstanding achievements as an individual as well as representing the Shah Alam City Council organization that produced lucky and dedicated talent and assets to have this prestigious award.

Thank you to the Mayor and top management of the Shah Alam City Council, my family and all my friends in malaysia. Without the support from all of them i would not have the chance to become a great person at the state, national and international level. My talent started by participating in Innovative And Creative group competitions and getting various gold awards, five star awards and competitions and getting grants for the use of innovation.

I have also lead the EX7 group at the international level such as Tokyo, Bangkok, India, Jakarta And Malaysia and received the gold award. I am also a mentor, advisor, speaker, jury and group leader through state and national level innovative and creative group programs. I have created a great innovation team and become a reference to various agencies including universities.

I received the Leader, Excellent Facilitator and Productivity Champion Awards twice because of success at state, national and international levels. I have been appointed as an innovation advisor in universities, government and private agencies. I have also received a National Woman Icon Award and been given the Excellent Service Medal by His Majesty The Sultan Of Selangor. I am very proud that i have helped to the success of my organization in achieving various awards including the Oustanding Woman Achiever Award organized by the Woman Icon.

I hope the award i received be a source of inspiration for all the women out there. Finally all the hard work for over 25 years at the Shah Alam City Council has been proven through this Woman's Icon. This Woman Icon is very unique and prestigious because it has raised me to the world stage. Thank you Women's Icon for recognizing me. This award has realized my dream of being one of the Women's Icon recipients at the world level.

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