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Sivalila Balakrishnan Has Won Women Diversity and Inclusiveness Award

Sivalila Balakrishnan Has Won Women Diversity and Inclusiveness Award

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February 17, 2024

Sivalila Balakrishnan Has Won Women Diversity and Inclusiveness Award

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Losing an eye and a leg could have easily crushed most spirits, drowning them in despair and self-pity. Yet, I viewed it as a challenge—a chance to not only better myself but also to ignite inspiration in others. Life had been a smooth sail until 2015, where my world turned upside down due to diabetes wreaking havoc on my vision.

The initial signs were ominous—retinal blood vessels rupturing, red dots clouding my sight. Medication proved futile, and the grim reality of retinopathy, fueled by high blood sugar levels, set in. Terrifyingly, blindness lurked as a potential outcome. Despite my vision deteriorating, I kept my struggles a secret from my family, not wanting to burden them.

However, secrets have a way of surfacing, and soon I found myself undergoing two surgeries, restoring only 60% of vision in my left eye. Losing my job compounded the challenge, straining our finances and pushing my father, despite his age, back into employment. Faced with adversity, I chose not to wallow but to rise.

With resilience as my guide, I ventured into selling cosmetics and health goods from home, adapting to my new reality. Then, in 2019, another blow—a blister on my leg and a troublesome lump led to a diagnosis of Charcot foot, a diabetes-induced ailment demanding amputation. Remarkably, a week post-surgery, I was back at work.

Armed with the lessons from my vision battle, I embraced a positive outlook on life, believing in miracles and finding purpose in every twist of fate. At 41, I've not just reclaimed my life but emerged as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and coach. My mantra, "Every stride is challenging, yet inspiring," defines my journey.

I, Sivalila Balakrishnan, founder of Ware Two Style Enterprise, am not just thriving but giving back through BlindSight Inc, a social enterprise in Kuala Lumpur. We empower those with learning disabilities through workshops and personal development programs. My gratitude knows no bounds as I proudly accept the "WOMEN'S DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVENESS AWARD" from Women Icon, sponsored by Times Woman. Thanks a million, Women Icon, for spotlighting the tenacity of women who, against all odds, continue to shine.


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