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Abiramy Ganesharatnam Has Won Outstanding Women Achiever Award

Abiramy Ganesharatnam Has Won Outstanding Women Achiever Award

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April 30, 2024

Abiramy Ganesharatnam Has Won Outstanding Women Achiever Award

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I am Abiramy Ganesharatnam, working as Project Manager and Quantity Surveyor at Abiramiy Constructions in Sri Lanka. I have completed my studies of BSc in Quantity Surveying & MSc in Construction Project Management offered by Birmingham City University.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to "Women Icon Powered by Times Women" for honoring me with "Best Woman Achiever Award". It gives me immense pride to receive this recognition and my family also shares in this feeling.

Achieving this glory is not easy; It demanded relentless effort to convert failures into victories. Throughout my journey, I have embraced change and overcome challenges with unwavering determination. Despite starting my career with limited experience and resources, my determination to make a positive impact propelled me forward.

My mother is my guide in everything I do since I was a young girl.I faced the obstacle of being underestimated by others. Overcoming this involves accepting risk and developing self-confidence. Starting a business naturally involves making mistakes, but I've learned to see them as opportunities for growth. My motto is ‘Strive for progress not perfection’.

My role goes beyond day-to-day operations; I focus on shaping the company's strategic direction and exploring avenues for growth. Continuous learning has been instrumental in this journey. Engaging in courses, networking with like-minded people and consuming various sources of knowledge broadened my horizons and fueled my thirst for knowledge.

Women are gradually breaking barriers and excelling in various fields. Confidence and self-belief are key ingredients to success, and I've come to realize that fear of success often inhibits our potential. Rejecting self-imposed limitations, I strive to create a positive impact through my work, not just for myself, but for the wider community.

Being a woman entrepreneur is not just a career; It is a symbol of identity and passion. Listening to one's intuition and embracing authenticity are important principles. As women, we often struggle with self-criticism and societal pressures, but prioritizing self-compassion and authenticity is essential.

Embracing individuality is a cornerstone of my journey. Our differences are not weaknesses, but strengths to be celebrated. Despite the fear of failure, persistence and perseverance propelled me forward.

Looking ahead, I approach the future with optimism and enthusiasm. Embracing competition while empowering fellow women entrepreneurs is a priority. Business is more than just making a profit; It's about cultivating genuine connections and maintaining customers.

Above all, I advocate for self-love and empowerment. By developing self-confidence and embracing authenticity, we can rise to challenges and inspire positive change in the world. Let's embrace our unique strengths, lift each other up, and move forward with determination toward a brighter future for all.



I want to encourage all the girls here to keep chasing their dreams even in the face of failure. Don't lose hope and focus on your goals; One day, you will undoubtedly achieve them. When that day comes, not only will you celebrate your success, but the community will join in recognizing your accomplishments. Remember, success takes time, but with persistence, you will reach your goal.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my parents, elder sister family, my family, siblings, relatives, friends and teachers for their unwavering support, faith and encouragement in both my successes and setbacks. Their presence has been a constant source of strength and encouragement.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to "Women Icon Powered by Times Women" for bestowing me with this esteemed recognition.

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