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Priyanka Prakash Jagtap has bagged Youth Excellence Award

Priyanka Prakash Jagtap has bagged Youth Excellence Award

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June 07, 2021

Priyanka Prakash Jagtap has bagged Youth Excellence Award

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My name is Priyanka Prakash Jagtap. I am from Pune, Maharashtra, India. First I would like to thank “Women Icon powered by Times Women” prestigious award title, “Youth Excellence Award” as I am feeling very proud for receiving it and can also see the same on my parents face.

                      Getting this title is not impossible but difficult as you need to convert your failures into success stories and keep motivating yourself to achieve this as it’s a long journey. I will just walk you through my journey as it was not so easy for me being a girl. I will start with my family introduction. We are 5 members in the family, my father, mother and 2 elder sisters. My Father was working as an office boy in Eaton Fluid Power and was transferred to the production department as machinist so in total he spent 33 years in Eaton. My father and mother worked very hard to bring their 3 girls to this position. Because they wanted their girls to be educated from a convent school, but many people opposed them as a girl will finally get married and so there is no need to educate them as they have to spend their life in the kitchen. But my parents did not listen to any one and we 3 sisters completed our schooling from St. Alphonsa High School. My elder Sister completed her Master’s in Personnel Management, my other sister has completed her Master’s in Commerce and coming back to me, I have completed my 11th and 12th commerce from Jai Hind college and after that I completed my BBA in Finance from Jai hind college and was also awarded as the best student of BBA and BCA. I got many certificates for my active participation in events and also for volunteering for them. I have been nominated for a young research scholar award for 2021.

                  After my BBA in Finance, I completed my MBA in Finance from S.B.Patil Institute of Management  and I got placed in Eclerx as an Analyst in my 1st year of MBA. When I joined the company, I wanted to do something new or learn something new which is a difficult subject for me. So, I decided to continue my study by taking admission for MBA in International Business. I completed my MBA in Finance and International Business by 2015. I got an opportunity from Eaton Technologies for Supply Chain Management and I was very happy because I received an opportunity from the same company where my father was working as an office boy. I started my journey with Eaton Technologies From August 2015 till date. I got many new opportunities in the same company by learning new things, working hard on them and enhancing my knowledge. I worked on various roles and projects which really was a period of learning for me.

                  But still I wanted to learn many new things, it was my mother’s dream that I should complete my doctorate degree and I wanted to fulfil it but due to medical issues which I was facing from 4 years and I was not able to take admission. Finally, I decided to appear for my PHD entrance but was not sure whether I could clear it as I was not so prepared because of my medical issue. But nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it and in the same way I cleared my entrance and got admission where I want it, the same college or you can say my favorite college S.B.Patil Institute of Management Akurdi, Pune. I started pursuing my dreams by taking admission for a PHD in Finance and presenting research papers in the National Conference. I have also been awarded the “Best Achiever’s Award-2021 “and been recorded in the Magic Book of Records. I am just waiting to fulfill my and my parents' dream of changing my name to Dr. Priyanka Prakash Jagtap so that even the society will know even a girl child has power to achieve her dream.

              I would like to mention 3 main points over here which have changed my life and motivated me always. So the 3 points are 1. Gender Equality 2. Medical Conditions 3. Inner Beauty & Talent. First, I will talk about gender equality. Society should change the mindset that a girl is born only for household work. As many of our relatives were laughing at my parents as they have 3 girls and no boy. So, no one is going to take responsibility in old age. But My parents totally changed this concept, worked hard for us and made us successful so that everyone can take a lesson from it. My next point will be on medical conditions or we can say the obstacles in our success. I have been facing medical issues for the last 5 years. I did not give up on my career and kept learning new things and updating myself. This means there would be many problems on our path to success, but we should fight with each problem and face them strongly to be successful. It means there should be no excuse if you want to be successful. The last point which I would like to cover is inner beauty and talent. I mentioned this point as per my experience what people were saying or insulting me. I was even told that I will not get a job after my MBA because I am not beautiful as I am wheatish and fat so the company will not even ask me to stand at the gate. After listening to this comment from a close relative, I cried a lot, but my mother always motivated me and today I am more successful than that person. People are going to pass comments on you, laugh at you but never get demotivated by negative comments, turn them into positive. Many people thought I will not achieve my dreams because of my medical issues but I did not explain them but achieved my dreams and gave a mouth shutting reply to them.

              I would like to motivate all the girls in the society that follow your dreams even after failure. There will be many comments from society just ignore it and achieve your dreams. Your talent is your beauty. Your body and face do not define your beauty, but your inner talent is the real beauty. Never lose your confidence, always keep it high and never stop learning new things even if you fail in 10 attempts your 11th attempt will be important for you.

            I would like to end this by thanking my parents Prakash Laxman Jagtap and Sharda Prakash Jagtap who showed confidence in their daughters who are making them proud. I would also like to thank my friends who are always beside me in my problems and my teachers of S.B Patil Institute of Management and my research guide. Dr. Meghana Bhillare Mam.  

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