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Neha Singh has Bagged Influencer Award of the Year

Neha Singh has Bagged Influencer Award of the Year

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June 12, 2021

Neha Singh has Bagged Influencer Award of the Year

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Hello there, NEHA SINGH is an ambitious girl. Shethrive on challenges and constantly set goals for herself, so Neha have something to strive towards. She’s not comfortable with settling, and she's always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness. In her another role, NEHA SINGH is a research scholar from CSIR-CDRI lab of Lucknow and much passionate about modeling currently won MISS TOP MOST MODEL OF INDIA 2020, poetry writing is her hobby, since 2015 she is a NSS MEMBER and also a NCC CADET of UP 20 BATALLION (from 2015-2018), basically she is a pharmacist also and always wants to work for women empowerment and education for our country (INDIA). Overall Neha is multitasking personality of our country and inspiration for other women. ... 

Achivements & AWARDs

Ø  Awarded with 3nd Prize(POSTER PRESENTATION) in wellness con 2014, “NATIONAL CONFERENCE OFWELLNESS” C.S.J.M university,Kanpur.

Ø  Awarded with “SEHAR KE BAHADUR BETIYA” excellence award by chief minister MrAKHILESH YADAV in 2 oct 2012.

Ø  Won silver medal in Distt.invitational karate do championship-2012.

Ø  N.S.S 2011-2013 (MEMBER).

Ø  N.C.C(B-CERTIFCATE) cadet rank.(UPSW/15/235761)

Ø  Attended Personality Development Camp 2002 & Won 2nd Prize in Surya Namaskar.

Ø  Won the Title of Miss Confidence Style Asia 2019 ,at the event of Miss ,Mr&Mrs Style Asia 2019

Ø  Miss Sparkle 2k18

Ø  Miss Gracious 2k18

Ø  Miss Confidence style Asia 2k19

Ø  Miss Model of the Year 2k19

Ø  Aftek Motors ad shoot

Ø  Lucknow Runway Fashion Week 2020

Ø  Miss epitome talent 2020

Ø  Diadem Miss India 2019 (Audition Qualified for both screen 1 and screen 2)

Ø  Miss Universe Reality show (Audition Qualified)

Ø  Miss Awadh 2020(Audition qualified)

Ø  Mission dreams Audition Qualified

Ø  2ndrunnerup  of MISS TOP MODEL OF INDIA 2020

Ø  The Portrait Room ,AFTEK MOTORS etc ad shoot

Ø  Awarded with GLOBAL WOMAN INSPIRATION AWARD held in Jaipur on 8th march 2021. 

Ø  Awarded with REMARKABLE WOMAN AWARD held in Jaipur on 28th march 2021.


Ø  Nominated for Asia”s distinguish researcher award 2021.

Ø  Nominated for GLOBAL PEACE AWARD 2021.

Ø  Nominated for Goldiie Queen 2021 presented by Goldie masala


Academic Achievements


Ø  GPAT qualified, ( inthe year 2017).


Ø  Registered pharmacist in Uttar Pradesh Pharmacy council.(70403) 

Ø  ICMR-SRF qualified (2020)


I REALLY FEEL VERY EXCITED ON RECIVING THIS RECOGNITION  First of all , thank you so much “WOMEN ICON POWERED BY TIMES WOMEN” for giving me such a honor.I want to thank you for the award you have presented me; i am so delighted that i can't express it in words.This award improves my self-confidence. It makes me feel quite confident and loyal towards my job that you have considered me efficient for this award.

It also gives the more responsibilities of further work. I will assure you that i will do more hard work in future also.
Once again thank you so much.

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