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Buddhini Senavirathna has bagged Lifetime Achievement Award in Healthcare

Buddhini Senavirathna has bagged Lifetime Achievement Award in Healthcare

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June 28, 2021

Buddhini Senavirathna has bagged Lifetime Achievement Award in Healthcare

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My full name is Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage Pubudu Buddhini Senavirathna but It is too long to remember. So, my friends call Buddhini Senavirathna. I was born in Kurunrgala, Sri Lanka where full of natural beauties and many mountains. I am the one and only children of my family. I am a Nurse who currently works in Neonatal Intensive care unit at De Soyza Maternity Hospital Colombo (DMH). This is my first employment that I truly enjoyed and extremely grateful for experiences in intensive care nursing.

De Soyza Maternity Hospital is the 1st Maternity Hospital in Sri Lanka/ Ceylon (the 2nd oldest maternity hospital in Asia). This historical institution, popularly known as the De Soysa Lying-in -Home or De soysa Maternity Hospital, was founded in the year 1879 through the generosity of Charles Henry de Soysa, a great philanthropist of the era.

Indicated below are a few important landmarks in the history of this institution in relation to safe motherhood within Sri Lanka,

1879 - The 1st Maternity Hospital in Sri Lanka/ Ceylon (the 2nd oldest maternity hospital in Asia).

1881 - The 1st midwifery training school in Sri Lanka/ Ceylon.

1905 - The 1st caesarean operation performed in the island.

1915 - The 1st training center for medical students and nurses in Sri Lanka.

1921 - The 1st Ante-natal clinic in Asia, for pregnant mothers.

2003 - The 2nd Government Hospital in Sri Lanka to win the Taiki Akimoto award for best implenation of '5 S' in the service sector.

In my hospital Vision is “To be the center of excellence in women health care in Sri Lanka” and Mission is “To be the center of excellence in maternal, gynecological& neonatal care by providing quality health care with available resources in a friendly environmental for both workers and patients, while training health professionals related to the field and doing ethical research to upgrade the care and service”

After completing my primary and secondary education I joined in nursing profession in 2010. My Nursing college in Kurunegalais the one of large government nursing college in Sri Lanka and even today it is one of the leading colleges in nursing education.  I completed my nursing diploma in 2014 and assume duties in DMH as registered nursing officer in Sri Lanka Nursing. I always focus on my career development to provide best service to my client. Then I completed my BSc Honors in Nursing degree from the KATTSU International University, Sri Lanka. Now I am studying my Master’s Degree in Nursing at Open University of Malaysia (OUM). 

I am married and my husbandShalith Athurupana, also a Nursing officer in National Hospitalof Sri Lanka Colombo. we have a two-year-old lovely son.

When I reflect on my time spent as an intensive care nurse, I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had to make a difference in patients and their visitors’ lives. I have been able to assist families beyond the patient care. I have assisted families with getting their patients primary medical care and an intensive care unit when the parents believed consistent medical care was not an option for their family.  I have been able to work in close contact with physicians and nurses and other categories who oversee the care of my patients and visitors and have been able to help to their life and maintain good psychological levels with the help and support of their families.

I have been a member of Sri Lanka Nurses Association (SLNA) since 2014. SLNA is only one nurse’sprofessional association in Sri Lanka and also member of International Council of Nurses (ICN) and Commonwealth Nurses and midwives Federation (CNMF). Both organizations are federations of more than 130 national nurses’ associations representing the millions of nurses worldwide which Operate by nurses and leading nursing internationally, ICN works to ensure quality care for all and sound health policies globally.I have gained an incredible knowledge and education through SLNA.

I have also spent time as a volunteer at the non-government organizations.  I express my heartfelt gratitude for selecting me as the Life time achievement award in healthcare 2020/2021 proudly organized by Women Icon. This is clearly one of the most significant events of my professional career. 

I always ready to change towards better service delivery and the betterment of nursing professionals. This is also a turning point of my professional life. 

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